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25 Jul, 2024


United States



About the Job

Agile Coach Talent Pool

Join Simply Agile’s talent pool for Agile Coaches.

This is a chance to get ahead in finding your next role. While there’s no specific job on offer right now, being part of our talent pool means you’re first in line when new opportunities arise within our network of tech companies and recruiters.

Your Role:

You’ll be ready to share your Agile coaching skills with potential future employers in our network, showcasing how you can help teams and organizations adopt and improve Agile practices.

What You’ll Do:

  • Demonstrate your understanding of Agile methodologies in anticipation of future roles.
  • Take part in our selection process, highlighting your skills in coaching teams towards Agile excellence.
  • Get the opportunity to be recommended by us to companies looking for experienced Agile Coaches.

Who We’re Looking For:

  • Experienced Agile Coaches interested in exploring new opportunities.
  • Preferably certified in Agile methodologies (ICAgile, ACP, or similar).
  • Great communicators who are adept at solving problems and encouraging teams.
  • Individuals keen on continuous learning and applying Agile best practices.

Why Join Our Talent Pool:

  • Direct access to a network of companies and recruiters seeking Agile expertise.
  • Increase your chances of finding your next job in the tech industry.
  • Support from our team to match your skills with suitable opportunities.
  • A chance to be among a select group of professionals considered for upcoming Agile Coach roles.

Joining our talent pool means you’re looking ahead to your next career move. 

Let us help connect you with opportunities that fit your skills and goals.

Hiring Team

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Graham Heldreth
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Nelson Ingle
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