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25 Jul, 2024


United States



About the Job

This is a unique opportunity to join Simply Agile’s talent pool of Agile Professionals.

While this listing is not tied to a specific job, it's a chance to pre-qualify for future roles. Qualified candidates will be presented to recruiters and companies as jobs become available.


Your Role:
As part of our talent pool, you'll be at the forefront when opportunities arise within our network of tech companies and recruiters.

This position is ideal for those looking to broaden their career prospects in the agile field.


What You'll Do:

  • Be ready to demonstrate your agile and Scrum expertise in potential future roles within top-tier tech teams.
  • Participate in our vetting process, showcasing your ability to facilitate effective Scrum ceremonies, drive continuous improvement, and empower teams.
  • Allow us to represent you to our partners, opening doors to opportunities that align with your skills and career goals.


Who We're Looking For:

  • Agile professionals with experience in Scrum Master roles, eager to explore new opportunities.
  • Individuals with certifications in agile methodologies (CSM, PSM, or similar) preferred.
  • Candidates who are excellent communicators, problem-solvers, and team players.
  • Professionals open to new challenges and continuous learning in the tech field.


Why Join Our Talent Pool:

  • Gain direct access to a network of companies and recruiters looking for top agile talent.
  • Increase your visibility and chances of landing your next role in the tech industry.
  • Enjoy the support of our team, dedicated to matching your skills with the right opportunities.
  • Be part of a select group of professionals poised for quick placement in agile roles.


By joining our talent pool, you're not just applying for a job; you're setting the stage for your next career move.


Let us connect you with opportunities that match your expertise and ambitions.

Hiring Team

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Graham Heldreth
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Nelson Ingle
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